Commercial Security

Commercial Security Guard Services & Solutions in Surrey, Vancouver, BC

We offer commercial security solutions to suit office blocks, corporate houses, hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, retail shopping centers Surrey, Vancouver, Cariboo BC. As the leading provider of commercial security guard Services, Mars Security will offer your business professional and licensed commercial Security Guards in Surrey, Vancouver, Cariboo, 100 Miles, William Lakes, Clinton, BC Canada. Mars Security understands the importance of vetting & screening, so we comply with provincial laws to make sure that all our security officers have Basic Security Training and Security Worker license.

Our Features

Mars Security understands the importance of commercial security solutions. Keeping the essence of security in consideration, we provide a wide range of commercial security to meet your security needs in Surrey, Vancouver BC. Depending upon the size of your company and area, we analyze and cater to your security needs. Our security services for commercial purpose includes the following:

Our experts after assessing your security needs will serve you with all the required security products and systems in Surrey, Vancouver BC.