Residential Security

Home Guards, Residence Security Services in Surrey, Vancouver, BC

Mars Security offers professional residence security guards services to Condominium/Apartment buildings, Townhouse strata, Care Homes, Estate Buildings, Private and Residential Homes, Hotels and Town Centres. Our residential security guards in Surrey, Vancouver, BC are helpful in preventing unauthorized access to the property, preventing criminal damage, theft, arson and reducing the potential for assault.

Our Features

Before serving with residential security services, Mars Security should analyze your needs and understand what you need. Whether you need these services to keep outsiders out of your place or you want to keep your kids safe. Depending upon your needs, Mars Security will serve you with the required home guards security services in Surrey, Vancouver, Cariboo, 100 Miles, William Lakes, Clinton, BC Canada. Let’s have a look on the features of our residential security services:

You should never compromise whenever it is related to the safety of your home and family members. Contact Mars Security to protect your residence with home guards services in Surrey, Vancouver, BC.